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Our Hospital

After a stay at a traditional hospital, you may need additional medical care with an extended recovery time. That’s where we come in.

Our long-term acute care (LTAC) hospitals offer the same in-depth care you would receive in a traditional hospital or intensive care unit, but for an extended recovery period. We partner with your physician and offer 24-hour clinical care seven days a week so you can start your journey to wellness.

Research shows that our hospitals, which are certified by Medicare as long-term acute care hospitals, provide clear clinical benefits in supporting recovery and wellness. Additionally, our clinical experts are specifically trained to treat a wide range of intensive and medically complex needs.

Studies have found that following an intensive care stay - when you receive care in a LTAC hospital like one of ours for ventilator care or tracheostomy - you experience outcomes and quality that are as good or better than people with similar conditions who receive care in other care settings.

We continually outperform national benchmarks in key quality measures like preventing infection.

We helped pioneer this long-term acute model of care nearly 30 years ago. Today, we offer a nationwide network of hospitals unique in our expertise in caring for your complex medical conditions.

If you or a loved one is recovering from an accident or medical emergency, or is living with a chronic disease or illness, care in one of our hospitals might be right for you.


12 Lead EKG
Amputation Treatment & Education
Arterial Line Management
Bariatric Services
Bowel & Bladder Training
Brain Injury
Bronchoscopy - Onsite
Cardiac Care
Cardiac Telemetry
Deconditioning/Debilitation Rehab
Diabetes Treatment
Diagnostic Imaging
Dialysis Availability
Dobhoff Tube Management
Emergent Percutaneous Trach
Endotracheal Tube Management
G-Tube Placement – Onsite
G-Tube, GJ-Tube, NG-Tube
Hemodialysis Onsite
Hickman/Port-a-Cath/Groshong Mgmt
High Flow Oxygen
Hip Fractures
Intravenous Anti-Infectives
Intravenous Fluids
Jackson-Pratt (JP) Drain Management
Multiple Trauma
Nephrostomy Tubes
Neurological Disorders
Other Orthopedic Injuries/Conditions
Other Programs and Conditions
Pain Management
Physician On-Site (Daily)
PICC/Midline Placement
Post-Orthopedic Surgery & Trauma
Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation
Pulmonary Disease & Dysfunction
Total Parenteral Nutrition
Tracheostomy Tube Decannulation
Tracheostomy Tube Management
Ventilator Weaning
Wound Care
Wound Vac/NPWT


Cardiology - Internal Medicine
Case Management/Social Worker
Certified Wound/Ostomy/Continence (WOC) RN
Gastroenterology – Internal Medicine
Infectious Diseases – Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Disease – Internal Medicine
Registered Dietitian
Registered Nurses
Respiratory Therapist
Therapy – Physical, Occupational, Speech


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Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Medicare (managed)
Medicare (traditional)
United Healthcare/ UHC